Bridging the Gap

Getting clever with Cerec Technology rather than traditional dentures!

John Moore Dental Practise Plymouth

Modern Dental Technology is the Solution

Our client wanted to replace her front tooth. Wearing a denture was unnacceptable to her, so we discussed the idea of a dental implant or a dental bridge. An implant would have been great, but would have required quite alot of difficult treatment and taken about six months to complete. The idea of a bridge appealed to her the most and with our Cerec Technology we made and completed her treatment in only 24 hours and two appointments!!!

Now she can smile and eat with confidence.

The Benefits of Cerec Technology

Cerec Technology is taking the dental world by storm but in the UK still only a very small number of dentists have invested in this amazing equipment. We can now make beautiful , strong and durable crowns, veneers and fillings in only a single visit which other dentists take TWO WEEKS and more visits to achieve!!

If you have a dental problem, tooth ache, or any other concerns about your dental health, the team at JM Dental Plymouth, will only be too happy to help. For more information on our smile plans, 0% interest free finance and other options please contact one of the team on 01752 222625

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