Looking after your teeth this Christmas…       

Everyone loves to indulge at Christmas, but don’t forget that sweets, chocolate, red wine as well as puddings stuffed with dried fruit full of sugar can be pretty hard going on your teeth. We don’t want you to refrain from having any fun or enjoying yourself…..just don’t forget to look after your teeth.

Here are the top tips from the team at JM Dental to keep in mind this Christmas.

  1. Red Red Wine. Red wine is notorious for staining your teeth, but there are some things you can do to minimise the damage this Christmas. Brush before you drink, yes the minty taste probably isn’t going to compliment your Merlot very well, but brushing about an hour before you drink will help to prevent red wine from clinging to any tartar, plaque or debris on your teeth. As you normally brush your teeth before you go out for an evening this one shouldn’t be too difficult to remember!
  2. Cheese glorious cheese! Surprisingly, cheese is great for your teeth. It helps to return your mouth to its natural acid levels and can’t help reducing the chance of tooth decay. So if you’re offered a cheese board after your meal, say yes! Eating cheese whilst drinking red wine will also help to prevent staining, what a great pairing!!!
  3. Always use a bottle opener! It’s always tempting to open that bottle of beer with your teeth, but stop and think before you do! Nobody wants to be taking a trip to an emergency dentist on Christmas day!
  4. Keep your routine. We know Christmas can be exciting but don’t lose your routine over the festive season. Don’t forget to brush! This goes for keeping the kids up on their bedtime and morning brushing routines too, no matter how excited they are!
  5. New year, fresh start. New year is a great time to think about replacing your toothbrush (it should be replaced a few times a year but if you haven’t done it for a while then it’s time to do so!) and how about booking in for a deep clean with your hygienist to clean away your Christmas and start the new year with a smile!


If you’d like to know more about how we can improve your smile, the team at JM Dental Plymouth, will only be too happy to help. For more information on our smile plans, 0% interest free finance and other options please contact one of the team on 01752 222625

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