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Straighter Smiles in Weeks

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Fantastic improvements can often be made with very simple techniques:

Great News for Straighter Smiles in only weeks!  Using newer generation of orthodontic braces we can concentrate on straightening the front teeth to give you rapid results usually  in 8 to 24 weeks ( 2-6months) !   We call this revolution Cosmetically Focused Orthodontics ( C.F.O ) for straighter,healthy smiles.

CFO is a modern twist on traditional orthodontics, which frequently aimed to correct the back teeth as well as the front, but consequently might take many months or even years!  By concentrating on the front teeth and using modern techniques, Straighter Smiles can be achieved gently, quickly and conveniently.

  • Rapid results – usually  between 8- 24 weeks
  • Clear Brackets and Wires for fixed on braces mean less visible braces!
  • Low forces mean gentler therapy.
  • Usually much fast than Clear Aligners.
  • Few visits required to reach your new smile!
  • No specialist referrals required and all completed in our practice.
  • Typically Costing between £2,370 to £2,500 for a single arch, or £3,200 to £3,500 for both upper and lower teeth.

We use several different types of Cosmetically Focused orthodontics, and the websites have fantastic information to help you, but we will guide you to the best solution for you!!

Removable Braces

Inman Aligner –  www.inmanaligner.com

Fixed on Braces:

Cfast – http://www.cfastresults.co.uk/suitable.html

Six Months Smiles – www.sixmonthsmiles.com

Should you need specialist orthodontic services, we will refer you to a local specialist orthodontist.

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