Mini Smile Makeover

An affordable way to improve your smile!

John Moore Dental Practise Plymouth

Fantastic improvements can often be made with very simple techniques:

MANY OF THESE MINI-SMILE MAKEOVERS CAN BE COMPLETED IN A SINGLE APPOINTMENT !! Costs obviously vary according to what is needed but fees of between £360 to £2000 are typical .

  • Slight re-contouring of the edges of teeth to make them more even and a nicer shape
  • Replacing some old stained fillings with new fillings that are invisible because the colour blends with your natural teeth
  • Closing small gaps with cosmetic techniques
  • Often a tooth that is out of line can be bought back into line with a simple veneer made in one hour!
  • Whitening the teeth either at home or in the surgery can make a dramatic difference.

Case Study One

"Hi John

I just wanted to say a big thank you for what you have done with my teeth! I can’t actually believe how different they make me feel and how natural they look! Everyone has commented on them and I have had comments such as ‘How did he do that?!’ ‘Wow! That;s so amazing and clever’ As you know, I was very nervous abut visiting the dentist and would always put off going to check ups due to my anxieties! However, from eh moment I came into the practice both you and your staff made me feel at ease. It has been a lifetime dream of mine to have teeth looking ‘normal’ and for the first time in 27 years I can smile in a photograph and not want to hide my teeth!!

Thank you so so much I am forever grateful for all you have done and for your wonderful staff for making me feel so relaxed throughout I am very lucky that you were recommended to me and I would do the same to anyone else who was thinking of having a similar treatment! Thanks again."

Case Study Two

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