Routine Exams

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Routine Exams

We value routine dental examinations at JM Dental and this shows a continued commitment from both JM Dental and YOU! We pride ourselves in non invasive dental treatments and work on the knowledge that prevention is better than cure. We put a great emphasis on minimal intervention and educate our patients how to care for their teeth for life. This is a joint effort and we encourage everyone to adopt a dedicated approach to dental care.

We can help you to achieve optimum dental health and maintain with routine dental examinations which are key to a great partnership and can be reassuring for you but it also enables us to identify any immediate problems using our inter oral camera. We can show you any visible problems and act quickly and promptly reducing the impact and discuss an instant treatment plan. We continue to offer joint dental appointments with Dr John Moore and our Dental Hygienist and work closely together to manage individual care that gives you the best possible solution. LOVE YOUR SMILE

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