Bite Size!

See our latest work from the dental practice, along with things we love, fun times and more. Our Bite Size section is here to show you the world of JM Dental, Plymouth, in an open and friendly 'behind the scenes' approach.

John Moore Dental Practise Plymouth

Case Studies

Broken Teeth

Having a fall is bad enough but when you break your teeth in the process, it's a big deal to your smile and confidence!

Bridging the Gap

Getting clever with Cerec Technology rather than traditional dentures!

Smiling with Confidence

Modern cosmetic dental care with Cerec Technology is amazing— it doesn't just change people’s smiles, it can change their lives!

A Natural Smile

Connie had been unhappy with her smile for a long time until she discovered she could do something about it.

Embarrassing Dark Line

Paul had been embarrassed about smiling for years because he felt his front tooth looked ‘dirty’.

No more metal!

This lady had two teeth missing and they had been replaced by bonding two new teeth to the back of her front teeth. The problem is that this was done with a cheap metal...

The Sweet Tooth

Jamie’s tooth had been bad inside but amazingly, he had suffered no pain until one day he ate a hard sweet and his tooth disintegrated.

The Straighter Smile

Joanna wanted a straighter smile, she was unhappy with her current smile and came to JM Dental for some initial advice.

A Brighter Smile

Liz had wanted her smile to look nicer and cleaner for many years, so John, using Cerec Technology helped her achieve the smile she wanted in just a few days.

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