Coronavirus Update:

"You will be aware of Government announcements on 4th Jan 2021 regarding new national restrictions.

The Government, Public Health England and British Dental Association have advised us to remain open and provide most of our normal dental services and that is what we intend to do.

We will prioritise helping our patients to remain healthy and avoid dental problems that might cause pain or infection and therefore we will continue normal dental exams, treatments and hygienist appointments. has made it clear that you are able, and encouraged, to attend for normal dental and medical appointments as it has become abundantly clear that early detection and prevention of problems is the best way to avoid more serious issues that might compromise your own health and cause more serious medical complications. We will of course respect your personal view of how you would like us to help you and will be pleased to either speed up or delay possible treatments or exams as you wish, but we would suggest that if your preference is to delay planned treatments we should arrange a telephone conversation with John or one of the team first to discuss potential consequences and how we might deal with any problem that might result from any delay.

We would like to confirm that as a team we are comfortable with our PPE and protocols to provide you with appropriate care in a way that is safe for both yourself and ourselves, and we are well practised in these routines. Behind the scenes a lot has been implemented such as installation of ventilation and air purification systems as well as additional cleaning routines and the more obvious PPE that you may have already seen us use for treatments.

We will delay non-essential treatments such as purely cosmetic improvements until the situation becomes more stable and we are advised that it is acceptable to provide those services and we hope that you will understand that. If you have a planned cosmetic treatment that you feel should be delayed would you please email us, or expect to receive a contact from us suggesting a delay in your treatment?

We appreciate constructive feedback and opinions regarding our services and hope you will free to comment knowing that we will consider your views seriously. We remain determined to work safely and keep good human kindness and communication at the heart of the way we provide your dental care.

Call or email us if you would like to ask any questions or clarify anything but please be patient and understanding of our team if we do not immediately answer calls or reply to emails. We will get back to you and reply to messages or emails that you leave us as soon as we can.

Dr John Moore and the team and the dental practice."

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