Coronavirus Update:


We are pleased to inform you that we have reopened the practice with some imposed restrictions:

Our priority remains with the safety of our patients and our staff and we are continuously working hard to avoid any negative effects for anyone during the lockdown restrictions

We will be very restricted as to how many patients we can see each day and we have a back log of exsting appointments and outstanding appointments which ALL need to be re booked so please bear with us as we commit to re organising hundreds of appointments into a reduced working day

  • We will be in contact with ALL our patients who have had a dental emergency during lockdown to ensure they are offered an appointment ASAP
  • We will be in contact with anyone who had an appointment booked with us to rearrange
  • We will be in contact with Smileplan patients to book your next appointment
  • We will be in touch with our routine patients to book any outstanding appointments

It would be helpful if you allow us to contact you but our phone lines will be open weekdays from 8.30 to 4.45 please be prepared to leave us a message as our priority will be contacting our emergency patients first.

We will be operating slightly differently from normal so please familiarise yourself with our ’New Normal’ routine which will be sent to you via email and please take a moment to look at our short video clip outlining our new routine.

This short video from John explains some of the simple changes:

We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding during what has been an extremely frustrating time for us ALL and please be re assured we are doing our best to manage our way through this difficult situation.


Our ‘New Normal’
We have enhanced safety procedures which are designed and implemented to help keep you and the dental team safe during your next scheduled visit:-
We have new safety procedures for you to review and adhere to:

Staggering appointments - We will be restricting the number of patients we can see in a day and we will be spacing our patient appointments to encourage social distancing whilst your are in the practice. We will escort you into the surgery and encourage you to leave soon after your treatment has finished to help us prepare for our next patient.

Respecting social distancing in our waiting room - We have removed any unnecessary items in our waiting rooms and we have introduce 2m social distancing measures by fitting a patient protection screen in our main waiting room. We may on occasion ask you to wait in your car until the previous patient has left the building allowing us time to reset the waiting room.

Reduced services -Some pieces of equipment we might not be able to use for the time being such as air and water equipment. We will be changing our procedures to avoid using aerosol generating procedures and replacing them with effective systems.

Treatment rooms - We have re designed our treatment rooms and have introduced air purifiers throughout the building. We appreciate that lots of care should be taken to address air flow in our treatment rooms and patient waiting rooms and this will help reduce any airborne particles and help to keep us all safe.


We have a check list of instructions to try and keep us all safe during your visit:-

Pre and post screening-We will call you prior to your appointment and ask you a few questions to confirm that you are aware of COVID-19 and that you are free of any symptoms.

Temperature checkT-We might take your temperature on arrival to check that you are fit for us to treat you. Don’t worry if your temperature is too high we will automatically re arrange your appointment for another day.

Wear a mask where possible- You won’t be able to wear a mask whilst we treat you but you are welcome to wear one throughout the duration of your visit. Especially whilst you move around the building and whilst discussing treatment or paying for your consultation until you leave the building.

Reduce patient contact areas- We would politely ask you to try not to touch door handles and wear gloves which will be available in our waiting room and use contactless payments if possible

Increasing hand sanitizing where possible-We would ask that on arrival you sanitize your hands with the gel we provide. We would encourage you to use your own toilet facilities prior to your appointment to minimise you moving around the building. If you do however need to use the toilet facilities we would ask you to use hand sanitizer before and after using the bathroom.

Visiting the practice alone if possible - Please bring with you as few personal possessions as possible to minimise patient contact areas

Please be reassured that these measures have been introduced for your safety and our staff so please be kind be considerate be thoughtful when visiting the practice and help keep us all safe.
Thank You


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