Hygiene Therapy

The rewards can be massive for improving your gum health!

John Moore Dental Practise Plymouth

…less dental treatment, fresh breath, keep your teeth for life, fewer expensive treatments. YOU ONLY NEED FOUR MINUTES A DAY TO ACHIEVE THIS !


  • 95 % of new clients that we see have gum disease but have been seeing a hygienist regularly for many years. WHY DO THEY STILL HAVE GUM PROBLEMS??
  • Most of them have never been told that this is destroying the bone that supports their teeth and have no idea how much their own teeth and gums have been affected
  • Most of them thought that having their teeth cleaned by the hygienist would cure the problem.

There is clearly something wrong here and our hygiene system is designed to put you in the picture and keep you in CONTROL.

Put bluntly the responsibility for excellent cleaning is yours and needs to be done on a daily basis, otherwise no amount of help from a hygienist will cure gum disease.

Each client has an individually designed gum care program devised for them , and our hygienist acts like a personal trainer would if you were visiting a gymnasium : her role is to help you achieve good gum health and all the benefits such as less dental treatment and keeping your teeth for life.

  • Your gum assessment starts with a thorough assessment and measurements of the gum health and bone health around each tooth . This is backed up with x ray information and discussed fully with you.
  • We give you the best electric toothbrush and other cleaning aids and show you how to clean your teeth effectively in only four minutes
  • We devise a program to remove harmful tartar that builds up preventing you from being able to clean your own teeth. Some clients need this every two or three months, others only yearly
  • Jo, Jill and Dr Moore monitor your health with regular measurements of the gum and bone health and your program can be altered and changed accordingly

We find this program is deeply appreciated by those who complete it. It can transform their dental futures dramatically.

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